1001 Cars Letters of Appreciation

1001 Cars,

Great news... together we sold it.

I consistantly received 3 -5 quality prospective buyer inquires per week. Those prospective buyers showing the the most immediate repsonse were those geographical central to me and the buyer utimulately was within 300 miles of the car.

The competitor provided free placement of my add although no photo's. All of my prospects spoke of the photo's which provided the feedback I needed to determine where they were browsing. Please note the car sold.

Sincerely, Jason

1001 Cars,

I just sold my Ford F-350 listed with you. Please mark the listing as SOLD. This is the second time I have sold through you and the longest took 3 weeks. FYI, All the calls I got on this vehicle were from 1001 Cars....none from my conventional ads. On-line works.

1001 Cars,

We were very pleased with your service. It seems our car received the right kind of exposure since it sold in less than 2 weeks. You did a great job on the pictures. Thanks again!

1001 Cars,

It's SOLD. Your service is great, I had tried some other sites, but my ad was just lost with the masses. Here I got real exposure.


1001 Cars,

You can mark my Corvette sold or remove it. The buyer came 1000 miles to make the deal. You are the best!


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